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As Summer ‘15 Growth Intern, I got to work on three awesome projects on one of the most popular video streaming apps for Chromecast.

I lead customer support for Videostream’s then over 1.2 million customers (now close to 2 million!!). That meant resolving 2,148 email support tickets over 4 months and writing close to 90 canned responses so I could do my job more efficiently

With in depth customer knowledge and feedback, I could confidently redesign the Videostream websiteto focus on the benefits that actually resonated with customers. The new website I developed beat split tests across the board and on certain metrics had up to 32% better download conversion rates than the old website.

The new website also got more users to come back to Videostream leading to a 12% increase in weekly active users that has remained since (not a one time boost)!

New Premium Flow: Plans, Payment Selection, & Features.

I worked on a new Premium flow in the app which makes upgrading to new features significantly easier for customers. I built the flow from scratch using HTML/Sass, Javascript, and integrations with Stripe, Paypal, and Google OAuth APIs. It’s beating the original Premium flow in initial revenue split tests.

Read how I helped Videostream increase downloads 32% (+ before/after screenshots!!).

If this is the type of impact you want a software developer to have starting early 2018, let's chat. Email me at or check my resume.

Andrew Paradi

Andrew Paradi

I study computer science at University of Waterloo, wrote software at Atomic, build side projects, produce vids, and play piano.



Andrew Paradi

Full Stack Engineer

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