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I’ve been using Jekyll on GitHub Pages for my website since 2015.

After a couple people have asked how they can try Jekyll, I created this guide!

Even if you don’t have coding experience, I’ve tried to write this guide so that it’s approachable for everyone. Give it a try, and let me know how it can improve.

Go to the Guide >

Why Get-Started-with-Jekyll?

  1. GitHub pages will host your Jekyll website for free with super-fast servers and CDNs (servers around the world).
  2. Jekyll is a simple yet powerful framework that helps structure a basic HTML site for easy use as a Blog, Portfolio, or any website.
  3. Jekyll on GitHub pages is faster than Wordpress, cheaper than Squarespace, and is more professional than Wix.
  4. Learn the basics below to buy a domain, setup your GitHub pages repo, and start building your Jekyll blog. Go to the guide!


If this is the type of impact you want a software developer to have starting early 2018, let's chat. Email me at or check my resume.

Andrew Paradi

Andrew Paradi

I study computer science at University of Waterloo, wrote software at Atomic, build side projects, produce vids, and play piano.



Andrew Paradi

Full Stack Engineer

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