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As we worked on a custom Discourse forum for internal use, it was determined that Atomic needed a Slack bot.

With a Slack bot, colleagues across the company could quickly search for resources, information, and people on the internal Atomic forum.

I was tasked with installing the Slack bot plugin into Discourse but realized that there was no /discourse search style functionality.

Forking the open source plugin, I added search functionality using Ruby-on-Rails.

Though the Atomic project ended up pivoting away from Discourse to a custom built ReactJS/Node.js solution, Atomic encouraged me to open source the improvements I made with a pull request into the original Discourse-Slack-Official repo.

Check out the pull request on GitHub.

If this is the type of impact you want a full stack dev to have starting May 2018, let's chat. Email me at or check my resume.

Andrew Paradi

Andrew Paradi

I study computer science at University of Waterloo, built 7 apps in 16 weeks at Atomic, and don't sleep at hackathons.



Andrew Paradi

Full Stack Engineer

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