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Looking for a fullstack dev for your team?

I’m graduating from Computer Science at University of Waterloo in April 2018. I can’t wait to get back to building great software with an ambitious team.

I have 4 years of experience solving problems with great code at Atomic.vc, startups [1][2][3], for clients, side projects, & hackathons [4][5][6].

If you’re looking for a full stack dev to start May 2018, please email me!

P.S. Here are three recent projects below & my GitHub + Devpost

  • Atomic Built 5 web, 2 iOS beta apps for new VC funded ideas

  • .files Automated macOS and Linux provisioning with Ansible.

  • Discourse Slack Bot Added search feature to Discourse Slack Bot that returns top 5 search results with author links and calculated reading time.

My Stack

I have strong experience building with

  • Web(HTML5, CSS3, SASS)
  • Javascript (ES5 & ES6 & ES7)
  • Node.js, Koa.js
  • ReactJS with Redux
  • Python (NumPy, Pandas, Django)
  • C, C++, debugging with GDB
  • Unix based systems, Bash, zsh, Git
  • DevOps (Ansible, AWS, Docker)
  • Blog Platforms (Wordpress, Squarespace, Jekyll)
  • Google Analytics, Optimizely

I am familiar with

  • AngularJS 1.4 & 2, EmberJS
  • SQL, PostgreSQL, Neo4j
  • iOS (Swift v3+, Objective-C)
  • Ruby on Rails

Need a new website?

Need a better website or custom dev work? Email me!

I’ll work to understand your current frustrations, & goals for your website.
My priorities for a client website are:

  1. Easy to edit even if you don’t know HTML
  2. Mobile first design especially important for local businesses
  3. Low cost monthly hosting don’t spend more than you have to
  4. Search engine optimized stay on Google’s good side

If you’d like to see some case studies of past clients, I’ve included some below. When you’re ready, email me & we can start discussing the best approach for you.

  • CorkscrewNet CorkscrewNet.com has been online since 1999 but needed an easy to edit, new Wordpress website.

  • Christian Embassy The Christian Embassy needed a new site to better engage with Diplomats and Members of Parliament. Their new Wordpress site is mobile friendly and easy to edit.

  • Frank’s Jewellers Frank’s Jewellers has been a trusted store in Uptown Waterloo since 1919. When they needed a new website, Andrew delivered with a responsive, modern Wordpress website.

Are you a startup founder?

I have experience developing successful competition & customer pitches, and in writing applications for government grants such as OCE SmartStart and SR&ED Credits. If you’ve got any questions or would like some coaching on an upcoming pitch, send me an email!

If you’re considering a Business Model Canvas Competition or applying to Y Combinator, my past Teknically pitches or other startup experience may be helpful.


Andrew Paradi

Full Stack Engineer

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