Hi, I’m Andrew!

Explore my side projects, andrewnotes blog, work experience, resume, & GitHub.

I’m currently working at Atomic Labs as a Software Developer Intern and will be returning to study computer science at University of Waterloo in May.

I actively hack together side projects on GitHub (like an onion-ized version of DuckDuckGo) and work on consulting projects for clients.

Work Experience

I thrive working on user-focused teams. Whether building software or writing copy that converts, I’m driven to discover what matters most to the end user.

I have an unwavering bias for dev sprints and growth strategies that deliver results. Data wins over personal preference, 8 days a week.

I learn quickly. Whether at Hack the North (2014, 2015, 2016), or Atomic Labs, I pick up frameworks and langauges quickly to write code that performs under the scrutiny of code reviews and pressure of competition.

This winter I’ve expanded my stack to include:

  • ReactJS with Redux
  • Django/Python3
  • Neo4j (graph database)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • EmberJS
  • Docker and DockerCompose
  • AWS S3 and EC2
  • HTML5
  • Javascript ES6, jQuery
  • C, C++, Bash
  • NodeJS, NPM, Grunt
  • AngularJS 1.4 & 2
  • Firebase
  • Wordpress, PHP

My pitches, conversion sales copy, and code have successfully:

  • Boosted inbound signups by 74% with new site design & copy [1]
  • Increased active users by 12% for a 1.2 million user app [2]
  • Won over $65,000 in competition prizes & grants [3], [4], [5]
  • Been part of Google for Entrepreneurs Cohort 2 [6]
  • Wrote application and interviewed at Y Combinator [7]
  • & even elected a President [8]…

New KW Startup Founders

I’ve had my fair share of experiences as an early stage tech startup founder in Kitchener Waterloo. If you’re a local founder, I’m always down to grab a coffee at DVLB and chat.

I have strong experience in how to write successful government grant applications (OCE SmartStart, SRED Credits…), pitches that win competitions, & sales copy that gets your first MVP alpha customers. Email me at andrewparadi.com and we’ll find a time to meet up.

Internship Opportunities

I have strong coding & communication skills recognized in competition and I’m looking for a full time positions starting in early 2018.

Email me at andrewparadi.com if your team wants to work with a go-getter who learns quickly, writes production code, is driven by data, and thrives under pressure.

Reach Out

Questions or inquiries? Email me at andrewparadi.com

Contact me with PGP encryption: keybase.io, PGP key

836C B350 4409 4A9E 0A13 F12C EED3 03A3 B5B5 4E6E


Andrew Paradi

Growth Focused Developer

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