Hi, I’m Andrew!

I’m graduating from computer science at University of Waterloo in 2018.

I have 3+ years of experience solving problems with great code at Atomic.vc, startups [1][2][3], for clients, side projects, & Hack the North [4][5][6].

I want to work on tough problems with other user-focused devs.

I’m ready to join a dev team starting May 2018. Want to chat about how I could bring value to your dev team? Email me at andrewparadi.com.

P.S. If you need a new website or some help with your startup pitch

What am I about?

I love reading, playing trumpet in the UW Jazz Band, starting businesses, and working on side projects (like DuckDuckGo search for the Tor browser).

I thrive working on user-focused teams. MVP & user experience >l33t code. User A/B split test data > personal design preferences & startup lingo.

I’m passionate about volunteering weekly & using my talents to help people.

So why should you hire me?

I learn quickly. Whether at Hack the North (2016, 2015, 2014), or Atomic.vc, I pick up new tools quickly to solve problems with code.

I have a strong attention to detail. With user experiences, interfaces, sales copy, and writing code, I spot issues and fix them before code review.

I’m focused on solving problems. Unnecessary dev work misses deadlines. I write what is minimally necessary to solve the problem at hand.

I have strong experience building with:

  • ReactJS with Redux, NodeJS, Git, Docker, Docker Compose
  • Javascript ES5 & ES6 & ES7, HTML5, CSS3, SASS
  • C, C++, Bash
  • Wordpress, Squarespace, Jekyll

I am familiar with:

  • EmberJS, AngularJS 1.4 & 2
  • Ruby on Rails, Django, Python3
  • PostgreSQL, Neo4j

My code, pitches, and sales copy have successfully:

  • Boosted inbound signups by 74% with new site design & copy [7]
  • Increased active users by 12% for a 1.2 million user app [8]
  • Won over $65,000 in competition prizes & grants [9][10][11]
  • Been part of Google for Entrepreneurs Cohort 2 [12]
  • Wrote application and interviewed at Y Combinator [13]
  • …& even elected a President [14]


You bet! Check it out: AndrewParadiResume.pdf

Ready to talk?

I keep it simple, just email me at andrewparadi.com.

…or be really cool and use PGP encryption! keybase.io, PGP key

836C B350 4409 4A9E 0A13 F12C EED3 03A3 B5B5 4E6E

Freelance Website & Software Development

Are you a startup founder?

If you need an MVP or new feature built, let’s talk. I can help get it done.

Do you need a new website?

If your website needs work but you don’t know where to start, let’s talk.

I’ll work to understand your current frustrations, & goals for your website.

We then can work on a plan forward usually including these priorities:

  • Easy to edit (even if you don’t know HTML!)
  • Mobile first design (especially important depending on your business)
  • Search engine optimized (becoming less important but still vital)
  • Low cost monthly hosting (don’t spend more than you have to)

“The new website just looks fantastic and it even kept with our look and feel that we use in other marketing. After the training from Andrew, we’ve been uploading new diamonds when they come in and even been getting some new customers as a result. Couldn’t recommend him enough!”

You can read more about Bob’s experience with his new website here.

If this sounds like a better approach to improving your website, email me!

Copywriting & Pitch Coaching

Discovering how to communicate the unique value proposition for your startup can be tough.

When you tell people about your startup, do they seem to have the same basic questions that you can’t seem to answer in an initial pitch?

Do you feel your pitch is always a bit short of impressing the judges?

With four years of experience writing A/B test beating sales copy [15][16] and designing pitches that win competitions [17], I might be able to help.

If you’d like a fresh perspective on your messaging, send me an email.

P.S. If you want to learn more for yourself, start reading Copyhackers!


Andrew Paradi

Growth Focused Developer

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