Apr 4, 2017


Worked on 7 MVPs as full stack dev intern on the rapid prototyping ...

Apr 4, 2017


Automated macOS and Linux provisioning with Ansible.

Mar 3, 2017


Built custom listings page using Google Maps API and Material Design.

Feb 2, 2017


Search .onion version of DuckDuckGo by default in Tor browser.

Sep 9, 2016

Hired Series

3 post series to help you write better resumes for technical jobs.

Sep 9, 2016

Resume Scoreboard

A resume comparison tool built at Hack the North 2016 in AngularJS.

Sep 9, 2016

Christian Embassy

The Christian Embassy needed a new site to better engage with Diplo...

Aug 8, 2016


In 4 months, Andrew boosted signups 74% with interactive website el...

Aug 8, 2016

Books: Hackers, Portfolios, & Camp David

In 6 months, I've read books on tense diplomatic negotiations, 1960...

Jul 7, 2016

To Achieve Greatness, Don't Settle for Goodness

Good to Great is the #1 book I would recommend if you want to i...

Jun 6, 2016

Hired: Your Resume Shouldn't Read like a Restaurant Menu

Most resumes look the same. Name, contact, education, work experien...

Jun 6, 2016

Progress Pebble

Log workouts from dumb fitness trackers to the cloud!

May 5, 2016

Hired: Your Resume Needs SEO, Here's How

Get your resume past software gatekeepers into the hands of hiring ...

May 5, 2016

Hired: 6ix Q's to Focus your Resume on Impact

How to stop writing forgettable job descriptions that annoy recruit...

May 5, 2016

Coding on iPad: Welcome to Reality

How a year working on iPad convinced me the Post-PC era is almost h...

May 5, 2016

Tinder for Blogs

Every week I'm writing a post, and you can swipe right or left to c...

Dec 12, 2015

Books: Tesla, Aging, & Emotional Intelligence

6 books I'd recommend that I've read since June 2015. Books coverin...

Oct 10, 2015

How Startups Fail Even with Cash and Growth

Are you Default Alive or Default Dead? You need to read Paul Graham...

Sep 9, 2015


Andrew built Losocco, a marketplace app for local stores. He coded ...

Sep 9, 2015

Up 32%: Videostream Growth Started with Great Support

Downloads and Videostream Premium signups were up over 30%. Here's ...

Aug 8, 2015


In 4 months, Andrew resolved 2,148 support tickets, boosted downloa...

Aug 8, 2015

Frank's Jewellers

Frank's Jewellers has been a trusted store in Uptown Waterloo since...

Jul 7, 2015

Canadian Fintech Startups Have Only 3 Options

Canadian banks can't innovate and are hunting for startups that can...

Jun 6, 2015

Books: Goliath, Rosie, Malcolm X, & Blackberry

6 books I'd recommend that I've read since January 2015. Books cove...

May 5, 2015

Fred & Ted: Uber's Disruption is Delusional

Three key insights on Uber, when to drop out, and valuations I lear...

Apr 4, 2015

OCE Discovery 2015: Innovation in the #6ix?

OCE Discover 2015: Thousands of entrepreneurs, researchers, pol...

Apr 4, 2015

7 Personal Lessons from Founding a Startup

7 personal lessons I learned from founding a startup at 18, develop...

Mar 3, 2015

5 Tough Lessons for When Your Startup Fails

At our final Laurier Launchpad update presentation we summarized th...

Dec 12, 2014

Teknically Part 2: The Dream Fades

To Y Combinator and back again, our biggest lessons at Teknically I...

Dec 12, 2014

Teknically & Webplio

Brandon Chow & Andrew Paradi interviewed at Y Combinator, were ...

Oct 10, 2014

Teknically Part 1: The 389 Day Laurier BBA

My first year as a BBA student at Wilfrid Laurier University was un...

Sep 9, 2014

3 Hypotheses We Tested at Hack the North

Ever wondered how to apply the Lean Startup methodology to a hackat...

Sep 9, 2014

3 Ways Hack the North Improved our Startup

From September 19th to the 21st, University of Waterloo's Engineeri...

Sep 9, 2014


StockSlate let investors choose stocks from Bloomberg data and then...

Apr 4, 2014

Meet the Link

As marketing specialist for Laurier's The Link business club, I got...

Mar 3, 2014

5 Days for the Homeless

Video helps 5 Days team raise $25k for Kitchener Waterloo homeless ...

Feb 2, 2014

Sam Lambert for President

Sam Lambert won a tight race for President. Andrew helped develop t...

Sep 9, 2013


Built in 54 hours Startup Weekend KW 2013, I pitched to judges, did...